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Mohammad the murderer rapist
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Muslims Rape Boy Slaves
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Muslim mobs rape children while crying, "Allah is Great!"

I am sick at heart. One of our long time readers from Indonesia sent me an e-mail of a testimony written by a young woman who, along with her family, endured a nightmare. After reading it, I was numb. There was a delayed reaction. Fifteen minutes later I cried out hard and loud. Because I attempt to expose the works of darkness, I am often called a hatemonger. In our article on Islam I noted that Muhammad had a 9 year old wife who he took to bed. I also noted that he got wealth for his religion by killing (even during peace time) and plundering. It is also taught that there are women chained in paradise for men's pleasure. What you are about to read is totally consistent with what I know about Islam. Someone will e-mail me and tell me it isn't so, but it is. The world recoils from Muslim countries like Iran, Pakistan, and Iraq. I saw a clip on world news where 5 year old kids were shouting that they would commit suicide in "holy" war against the U.S. The kids looked hateful and deadly serious. Exceeding strange.

Reading this reminds us that we are entering perilous times. Some may say, "They've been perilous a long time, Tracy." I'm not talking about status quo persecution, my friend. Jesus said that in the very last days, this world will be worse than at ANY time in history. There will be levels of evil previously unknown. We are going into new territory. These are also exciting times for the return of the Lord draweth ever nigh.

Gracious reader, open your eyes and see what people are going through at the hands of Islam. The victim's account you are about to read will touch you. Determine that you will walk circumspectly redeeming the time for the days are evil.

So many people complain about hell. Well, I for one am GLAD that God is just. The wicked will not go unpunished. Their reward awaits them in the lake of fire. I'm GLAD God is Righteous and I'm GLAD His name is Holy. Yes, I love every aspect of God. I don't take Him in part. I embrace all that He is--Saviour and Judge.

One last thought. As I wept over this thing it came into my mind that God sees each and every reprobate work of man. He saw every second of this tragedy and similar tragedies all over the world. I don't care if it is dark as midnight God sees it like noonday. Everything is exposed and naked to Him. Silly Wiccans dancing naked under the moonlight worshipping some trees and animals, sicko Satanists sacrificing kids, adults and animals, a man committing adultery on his wife, a foolish girl giving up her virginity to a boy that hates her, child abuse, a doctor tearing a living child limb from limb during an abortion, criminals squalling and torturing each other, a deacon looking at some porno...the scenarios go on and on. You can best believe that the accounts will be settled in that last day--time will not always exist my friends.

updated I received this comment from a brother who was reared in a Muslim family. It was written in response to the article you are about to read:

Dear Tracy,

Keep up the good work on your web site. I find it infuriating and heart renching to hear things like this ( I was brought up in a muslim family, and I can tell you from experience that this is the way it is all of the time. Even from my own family I received psychological torture (not to mention physical). I praise God for bringing me out of bondage and setting me free, and giving me explosive vision and joy.


Read this and forward to all friends. Do pray for them and for us !!!

Subject: Jakarta Situation

Dear friends,

Please forward this "Yellow Ribbon" to all friends around the world to show our solidarity and sympathy for the victims of the riots and chaos in Indonesia last May 13-15. Many Chinese Indonesian citizens were abused, tortured and killed. Their houses and stores were looted and burnt.

Hundreds of Chinese Indonesian girls/women (aged 10-55) were sexually harassed and gang raped brutally. Some victims were even raped in front of their family members or in front of inhuman cheering crowd. Some of them were even thrown into the fire and burnt to death after being raped. Yet, not many actions seem to have been taken to investigate all this or to help the victims. And not very many people seem to know or care about what happened. Please help to spread the news and let the world know. We need help to get more international attention to help Chinese Indonesians, who are now living in fear in Indonesia.


Source: Christian Leaders Association 21 June, 1998. Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear friends,

Here I submit a victim's account of being raped during the May riots here in Jakarta. Reference to Huaran Bulletin Board June 12, 1998. The purpose is to request your prayers for hundreds of similar victims.

"My name is Vivian, and I am 18 years old. I have a little sister and brother. As a family we live in what is supposed to be a "secure" apartment. At 9.15 am, May 14th, 1998 a huge crowd had gathered around our apartment. They screamed, "Let's butcher the Chinese!", "Let's eat pigs!", "Let's have a party!" We live of the 7th floor and we got a call from a family on the 3rd floor saying that the crowd had reached the 2nd floor. They even chased some occupants upstairs. We were all very frightened. In our fright we prayed and left everything in God's hands. Afterward we left our room and went upstairs to the top floor, as it was impossible to go downstairs and escape.

We got to the 15th floor and stayed with some friends. Not long afterwards we were surprised because some of the crowd coming out of the elevators right before we entered the room. We hurried into the room and locked the door tightly. At that time we heard them knock at the other rooms loudly and there were some screams from women and girls. Our room was filled with fear. We realized that they would come to us. So we spread throughout the room hiding in the corners.

We could hear girls of 10 to 12 years old screaming, "Mommy, hurts" That time I didn't know that these little girls were being raped. After about half an hour the noise diminished and we had some guts to go out and check. It was indescribable. A lot, some of them young girls, were lying on the floor. "Oh my God, what has happened?" Seeing all of this we screamed and my little sister Fenny, screamed hysterically and hugged her father.

Tears started coming down from my eyes. With our friends, a newly-wed couple, we started going downstairs. Reaching the 10th floor, we heard a scream for help. The scream was very clear and we decided to go down and see. But as we turned we saw a lot of people. I saw a woman in her 20s being raped by 4 men. She tried to fight back but she was held down tightly. Realizing the danger we ran as hard as we could. But unfortunately the mob caught Fenny. We tried to rescue her, but could not do anything.

There were about 60 of them. They tied us up with ripped sheets, myself, my father, my mother Fenny, Donny, UncleDodi and my Aunt Vera. They led us to a room. Uncle Dodi asked what they wanted, but they did not reply. They looked evil and savage. One of them grabbed Fenny roughly and dragged her to a sofa. At that time I knew she was in great danger. I screamed loudly but one of the mob slapped me in my face. My father who also screamed was hit with a piece of wood and he fainted. My mother has fainted when Fenny was dragged to the sofa.

I could only pray and pray that disaster would not befall us. Uncle Dodi kept trying to stop them by offering money. His efforts were fruitless. And in the end 5 people raped Fenny. Before beginning with the raping they always said "Allahu Akbar" (an islamic phrase in arabic meaning "God is great". They were ferocious and brutal.

Not long afterward, around 9 men came to the room and dragged me. I also saw them forcing and dragging my Aunt Vera. But at that time I passed out and everything went blank. I became conscious at around 5 or 6 pm. My head hurted and I realized I had no clothing on my body. I cried and realized my family was still there. My father was hugging my mother and little bother Doni. I also saw uncle Dodi lying on the floor and Aunt Vera was crying over his body. I felt so weak and fainted again.

The next day I was in the Pluit hospital. My father and mother were beside me. With all the pains on my body I asked, "Mom, why Fenny. Mom?" I felt a stinging pain as I said these words. My cheeks were swollen. My mother cried again and couldn't speak any words, while my father, holding back his tears, managed to smile at me. After 4 days in treatment, my condition has improved. With a sad look, my father told me then what had happened.

After I fainted 7 people raped me. At that time my father still couldn't see well after being hit with a piece of wood. They raped me repeatedly. Then my father said "Vivian, Fenny is gone..." I was confused and cried out, "Why Dad?" My father couldn't answer. He told me to rest and went out of the room. I cried over and over again, feeling that my life had no meaning any more.

A week ago, after I was released from the hospital I was told everything that had happened. When Fenny was raped she kept on fighting and so she was repeatedly slapped by her rapists. The last time she fought Fenny spitted on one of them. Offended, the man grabbed a knife and stabbed Fenny's stomach over and over again. Finally she died with blood over her whole body.

My father told me that uncle Dodi had the same fate watched by aunt Vera who was also raped. "God...why should all of this happen? Where are you God? Are you still alive?" My aunt Vera now stays with her parents. She is in shock. Her face is blank and refuses to eat. Almost every hour my mother and I cry over all these happenings. I can never forget. These mobs of people are uncivilized monsters."

Additional comments from Bill Hekman: This is one of many victims. Hundreds of women and children were raped, mutilated and killed by Muslim mobs. Some had their vaginas ripped apart, their bodies cut into pieces. Over 5000 of the Chinese Indonesian's shops were looted and burned down. A few days ago anther 63 shops were burned in Tegal, Central Java. The city of Solo is burned down. There is no protection and no justice in this country any more.

Yesterday I was in the Kelapa Gading area and that area was spared from destruction. The police and military had guarded all the entry roads. The people there had collected large sums of money from door to door and paid for their protection. A similar situation took place in the Pondok Indah area. For the people who cannot pay millions to the armed forces there is no protection.

Right now the hundreds of thousands of thugs, robbers, rapist, and killers live all around us. They are our neighbors. There is no punishment for the criminals and no justice for the victims. Yet, all Indonesians call themselves believers in God almighty. What a hypocrisy. Shouting "God is great" when raping women and children is a blasphemy against a Holy God. Pray that God will anoint His preachers and missionaries throughout this nation with the power of the Holy Spirit to preach the message of repentance. God's word in 2 Chronicles 7:14 needs to be proclaimed boldly.

There is no room for preachers filled with fear who think of evacuation and other selfish plans. Pray for Revival in all our churches. Some Christians are putting signs on their shops "Owned by Muslim". May God forgive them. Healing of this nation filled with crime and unjustice is bringing God's judgement and punishment. Healing and Salvation can only come with a national repentance at all levels in the government, armed forces and society.

Then we need to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is the One and Only Savior. No one will ever receive forgiveness and see heaven except through God's appointed Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for standing with us now. God bless you. In His grace, follow a child...a child's world is made of spirits and miracles. we sometimes think that children should follow us, listen to us, become like us. follow a child closely for an hour not to teach or to discipline, but to learn and to laugh -sark-

Sudan: Widespread Gang-Rape of Boy Slaves by Arab Masters  

Maria Sliwa
Freedom Now World News
Phone: 973-809-2018, fax: 212-202-4453

Widespread Gang-Rape of Boy Slaves by Arab Masters

Sudan, July 15, 2002:  During a recent fact finding trip to Southern Sudan,
Freedom Now World News discovered overwhelming evidence that young black,
boy slaves are repeatedly gang-raped by their Arab masters.  While previous
reports on slavery have focused mainly on the gang-rape of female slaves,
sociologist and investigative reporter Maria Sliwa received testimony from
numerous boy victims of rape.

"This type of sex is very strange to us," said recently redeemed slave Deng
Deng.  "Many times during rape boys would cry so loudly that the Arabs
would stuff rags in their mouths so they could not be heard.  I witnessed
this often. If you refuse [sex], sometimes they would shoot you."  Deng
Deng is a Christian who said that as a slave he was often beaten because he
would not convert to Islam.

Another recently freed boy slave, Deng Ayuel testified: "I watched the
Arabs rape my two sisters and I watched many slave boys being raped as
well.  They would often take a girl or boy and do whatever they wanted with
them sexually.  I too was raped many times by my master and his Arab friends."

Perhaps the most graphic account of male rape was given by the freed slave
Aleek Mach Deng:  "I watched my master Mohammed and four Murahaleen Arabs
violently gang-rape a young Dinka slave boy.  The boy was screaming and
crying a lot.  He was bleeding heavily, as he was raped repeatedly.  I
watched his stomach expand with air with each violent penetration.  The boy
kept screaming.  I was very frightened, and knew I was likely
next.  Suddenly the boy's screams stopped as he went completely
unconscious.  My master took him to the hospital.  I never saw him again."

Many of the redeemed slaves told Sliwa that in order to avoid rape, male
slaves would try to escape but were hunted down like animals by their
masters.  The punishment for resisting rape is often severe beatings, death
or limb amputation.

Sliwa noted that the knowledge of male slave rape is widespread and has
come to the attention of community leaders in Southern Sudan.  "Many of the
freed male slaves come to the chiefs and tell us they were repeatedly raped
by their Arab captors," said Nhial Chan Nhial, Paramount Chief of
Akon.  "This affects their minds badly.  They are subject to fits of
crying, mental problems and are often unable to marry later on in
life."  Yet, in the ongoing genocidal Sudanese civil war, most are helpless
to do anything.

Arab masters raping boy slaves
Sudanese: 'If you refuse [sex], sometimes they would shoot you'

Posted: July 18, 2002
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Mandi Steele

Adolescent boy slaves in southern Sudan report that their Arab masters routinely rape them, according to Freedom Now World News, which just returned from the embattled African nation.

In an exclusive interview with WorldNetDaily, Maria Sliwa, reporter for Freedom Now and sociologist, discussed the widespread abuse of Sudanese slaves by their Muslim captors.

Sliwa interviewed Denka chiefs, Arabs and former slaves while on a recent "fact-finding trip" in the slave regions of southern Sudan.

"The most marked thing that I noted was the admission of rape by a number of the young boys," she said.

Redeemed slave Deng Ayuel told Sliwa through a Denka translator, "I watched the Arabs rape my two sisters, and I watched many slave boys being raped as well. They would often take a girl or boy and do whatever they wanted with them sexually. I, too, was raped many times by my master and his Arab friends."

There have been previous reports of female slaves being gang raped in Sudan, but Sliwa discovered that many male captives were also being gang raped. She felt it was important to let others know in the hope that slavery in Sudan might eventually end.

"The more this information gets out, the better," she said.

"This type of sex is very strange to us," Deng Deng, another freed slave, testified. "Many times during rape, boys would cry so loudly that the Arabs would stuff rags in their mouths so they could not be heard. I witnessed this often. If you refuse [sex], sometimes they would shoot you." Deng Deng said he was beaten many times because he was a Christian and wouldn't convert to Islam.

The boys described their masters taking them to a "special place" right before a rape would occur, says Sliwa. As they were being taken to this place, the boys would try to escape but would be hunted down like animals, she explains.

The rebels of southern Sudan, a mostly Christian and animist region, are fighting for autonomy from the radical National Islamic Front regime, which aims to impose Islamic law on the entire country. Since 1983, about 2 million people have died from the fighting and war-related famine.

Sliwa described how the National Islamic Front takes slaves, saying, "Sometimes government soldiers attack a town. They want to make it into their town. They want to take it away from the civilians. … Then they take the women and children, and they kill a lot of the elderly."

Those taken are then tied up and forced to walk to "slave centers," says Sliwa, where they are auctioned off or traded to Arab masters. Both the Arabs that capture the civilians and the Arab masters are "quite brutal" to them, she says.

"Not in every single case, but in most cases, they're being victimized and raped by both the captors and the masters and the masters' Arab friends," Sliwa told WND.

Accompanying Christian Solidarity International, to various redemptions in southern Sudan, Sliwa learned how black Denka slaves are freed. Certain Arabs called "retrievers" work with the Denka and CSI to free some of those who have been taken captive. Sliwa says a while back the Denka told the Arab retrievers that to have use of the Denka land to water their cattle, they would have to help free some of the Denka slaves. These retrievers make their money through raising cattle, thus they agreed to help the Denka, she says.

"The retrievers are actually horrified, because they go into these Muslim towns and they see how these women and children are treated," said Sliwa.

"It's very rare for a Muslim to speak out against another Muslim … but these guys were speaking out against them."

From her interviews with Arab retrievers, Sliwa learned that sometimes the slaves have to be bought from their masters, and other times the slaves are so old and disabled that the masters simply give them away. If an Arab is having sex with a female slave, the wife may find out and take the slave to the retrievers herself, she adds.

"The way the wife usually finds out is the slave has an Arab baby," explained Sliwa.

The National Islamic Front has been threatening the Arab retrievers because the government doesn't want them to have anything to do with the Denka, Sliwa says.

"They don't want the Arabs and Denkas being friends," she told WND.

"Many of the freed male slaves come to the chiefs and tell us they were repeatedly raped by their Arab captors," Nhial Chan Nhial, paramount chief of Akon, said to Sliwa. "This affects their minds badly. They are subject to fits of crying, mental problems and are often unable to marry later on in life."

Sliwa is convinced that the International Criminal Tribunal needs

Captives recount boy rape in Sudan

By Maria Sliwa

SUDAN — As he began speaking, Majok lowered his small cocoa-colored eyes and stared intensely at the ground. I had just flown thousands of miles deep into the war zone of Sudan, the largest country in Africa, to interview former slaves.

Majok, then 12, tightly hugged his long, bony legs, as we sat on the parched termite-infested earth. His ragged black shorts and ripped oversized T-shirt hung loosely on his spindly, dust-covered body. A continuous flow of tears poured down his face as he spoke of the way he was repeatedly raped and sodomized by gangs of government soldiers.

“They raped me,” Majok cried. “And when I tried to refuse, they beat me.”

After taking care of his master’s cattle all day, Majok said he was often raped at night. He told me that his rapes were very painful and he would rarely get a full night’s sleep.

He also spoke about the other slave boys he saw who suffered his same fate. “I saw with my eyes other boys get raped,” Majok said. “He [the master] went to collect the other boys and took them to that special place. I saw them get raped.”

Yal, another adolescent, had multiple scars on his arms and legs that he said came from the numerous bamboo beatings he received while in captivity. He told me he saw three slaves killed and one whose arm was hacked off at the elbow because he tried to run away. Yal also said he saw other boys raped by his master at his master’s house.

“At the time they were raped they were crying the whole day,” Yal said. He then told me that he, too, was raped.

Since 1989, Sudan’s extremist government, which is seated in the North, has been waging war against its diverse populace. The battle is over land, oil, power and religion, by a government that is made up of some of Africa’s most aggressive Arab Islamists, says Jesper Strudsholm, Africa correspondent for Politiken.

Animist and Christian black Africans in Southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains have paid a steep price for refusing to submit to the North. More than two million have been killed as a result of the war, according to the U.S. Committee for Refugees. Often trapped in the fray are surviving victims the government soldiers capture as slaves.

Human rights and local tribal groups estimate the number enslaved ranges from 14,000 to 200,000.

Though thousands remain enslaved in the North, since 2003 the genocide and slave raiding in South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains has been suspended because of a ceasefire. Amnesty International, however, reports that the government continues to attack black African Muslims in Darfur, Western Sudan.

According to Sudan expert, Eric Reeves, more than a thousand people are dying every week in Darfur because of government attacks.

"The numbers are sure to rise,” Reeves added.

Amnesty also reports that surviving victims have been raped and abducted by government soldiers during these raids. International law recognizes both slavery and rape in the context of armed conflict as “crimes against humanity.”

As I questioned the former slaves, village leaders, my translators, and many Sudanese immigrants living in the United States, it became apparent that the tribal society in which Majok and the other slaves were born has strict taboos about sex — especially male-to-male sex. I was told that although many villagers are aware that young male slaves are raped while in captivity, it isn’t discussed because of the cultural prohibitions on all forms of male-to-male sex — including rape.

In fact, male-to-male sex is considered such an egregious act in South Sudan that if two males are found guilty of having consensual sex with each other they are killed by a firing squad, according to Aleu Akechak Jok, an appellate court judge for the South. If a male is found guilty of raping a male or female, only the perpetrator is shot to death, Jok said.

Jok’s description of Southern Sudan’s punishment for consensual male-to-male sex is not too different from Sharia law in Northern Sudan, which imposes a death penalty on those found guilty of homosexuality.

Village leaders told me that male rape victims, who are able to escape slavery in the North and return to their villages, often consign themselves to a life filled with guilt, suffering silently and alone.

“This affects their minds badly,” Nhial Chan Nhial, a chief of one of the villages in Gogrial County said angrily. “When they return to us, many of these boys have fits of crying, mental problems, and are unable to marry later on in life.”

I worried about Majok and the other boys I had interviewed. These boys were all adolescent and pre-adolescent ages. Many of them told me that their violent experience of rape was their very first introduction to sex.

When captured, Ayiel, 14, said he was forced to watch the gang-rape of his two sisters and says he too was raped numerous times. He described his experience as “very painful,” and said he never saw his sisters again after that incident.

Perhaps the most graphic account of male rape was given by Aleek.

"I watched my master and four Murahaleen [soldiers] violently gang-rape a young Dinka slave boy,” Aleek said. “The boy was screaming and crying a lot. He was bleeding heavily, as he was raped repeatedly. I watched his stomach expand with air with each violent penetration. The boy kept screaming. I was very frightened, and knew I was likely next. Suddenly the boy's screams stopped as he went completely unconscious. My master took him to the hospital. I never saw him again."

Many of the boys told me that in order to avoid rape some of the male slaves tried to escape, but were quickly hunted down by their captors. They said that the punishment for resisting rape is severe beatings, limb amputation or death. Mohammed, a Bagarra nomad, who has helped to free slaves, broke down in tears as he spoke.

“What they are doing in the North is against the Koran,” he explained. “Allah says that no man should be a slave to another man, but all should be a slave to Allah.”

Mohammed said that as a Muslim he was heartbroken the extremists have perverted his religion into a political weapon to torture and oppress people.

When I arrived in Sudan, Ngong — one in a group of five former female slaves that I interviewed — told me that children were raped while in captivity.

“Yes, I saw with my eyes them raped, boys and girls,” Ngong said.

Though I knew about the rape of slave girls, I did not know this could also be happening to boys. I decided to investigate this further when two females from the same group said they had seen slave boys taken away at night to the “special place” for rape.

I interviewed a total of 15 male slaves, for one to two hours each. Six of the boys interviewed said they were raped and the majority of these six said they were eyewitnesses to other boys being raped. Most of these six boys said they were raped numerous times, by more than one perpetrator. Some of the boys gave the full names and the home towns of the men they said had raped them.

Though five in this group of 15 boys said they were not raped, they did say they were either sexually harassed or were eyewitnesses to other slave boys being raped. Only four of the 15 boys interviewed said they were not raped or sexually harassed, and were not eyewitnesses to the rape of other boys. All of the boys said they were never sexually abused or raped prior to their enslavement.

The rape of boy slaves is not unique to young Sudanese males, as recently exposed in a “CNN Presents” documentary “Easy Prey: Inside the Child Sex Trade.” Sadly, the ugly arm of slavery reaches far beyond Sudan and shockingly touches every continent except Antarctica. Slavery expert Kevin Bales of Free the Slaves ( says there are approximately 27 million slaves worldwide. To date, however, there has been no comprehensive report on how many male slaves have been traumatized by rape.

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Maria Sliwa, founder of Freedom Now News (, lectures on slavery and is preparing for publication the interviews she conducted on slave boy rape while in Sudan

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